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We are able to provide business technology support for established or ongoing projects. Our extensive experience in IT allows us to advise efficiently and profitably. We also provide support to the community through contacts with social and religious associations.


Q Tech Consulting LLC, must position itself in the market as an efficient and solvent company with solid principles and values, offering quality and reliable technological services.


To be a recognized company in the local market that provides services and solutions of the latest technology in information technology, telecommunications and project management with high quality standards.

Quality Policy

We are a company that provides comprehensive solutions, supported by information and communication technologies with experienced personnel, trained and committed to the quality of our services, to achieve customer satisfaction and success.

Community Services

Our company, in gratitude for what society has given us, has as a policy to support minority groups by establishing technical support for those who do not have the economic capacity to hire. Training minority groups in the use of technology and its terminology is another of the focuses that our company has as its objective.

Our Services

Project Management

If your project needs to be managed and adjusted, our company provides this service with trained and experienced specialists. We are also able to provide inspection services or verification of compliance with technological contracts.


Currently, it is necessary to maintain our operations with a high degree of reliability, so it is necessary to have a connectivity system suitable for the needs of each client. We can implement conventional and special systems.


With our experience in Microsoft Office tools, we offer training to your organization with qualified personnel. We also provide community service with courses for minority groups that require basic training.

Hardware & Software

We will analyze your hardware and software needs and make the recommendations that the client requires. We have in our portfolio strategic alliances with suppliers of the most important brands at affordable prices.


We are able to implement and/or repair
your internal data networks at a level 5 or higher.

Contingency plans

Your backup strategy for your team or organization can be created, analyzed or improved. We’ll set out how you’ll respond if unforeseen events disrupt your plans, like how you’ll change if you lose a key customer or what you’ll do if your software service goes down.

We help teams build the business of their dreams

“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you.” – Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo!

We help you optimize your operation, improving your costs and investments, while visualizing and controlling your risks. Through our accompaniment, we guide your team towards your strategy, to bring your vision to life.

We are a company that, in addition to offering technology services, our proposal is to provide technical support, we assist our clients in the process of change towards new technological management scenarios. We boost your business with our IT solutions, which allow you to connect with your clients to achieve their objectives. We help you optimize your operation, improving your costs and investments, while visualizing and controlling your risks.

Why Choose Us


We are passionate about serving customers in a professional and honest manner. We have all our experience, effort, and time to serve our customers. We want a better and well-cared-for society, quality services do not always imply high costs.


We have the ability to serve our clients with experienced and qualified personnel in each area of the services we provide. With more than 20 years of experience in technology support and IT management.


We have the vocation of services to our clients as a way of serving the community in solidarity. Volunteering is another way to support minority social groups that generally have fewer resources to meet their needs.


Q Tech Consulting

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